8.8 private acres in Kitty Hawk Village!

OBARMLS763328.8 private acres in Kitty Hawk Village with a Vintage 1940 Oceanfront original four bedroom -two bath that was moved to this property in 1991. This home is very solid with T&G Juniper throughout , a brick fireplace and TONS of charm. The lot has two nice ridges and the home did not get wet during Irene.

There are fruit trees and two outbuildings with Power – one of them has two 220 outlets and is ready for your workshop pleasure. Be the first to make an appointment because this is a nice chunk of Kitty Hawk.

Country style Living at the beach- Bring your horses, goats, chickens and settle in.

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Check OUT These New Prices on the Outer Banks!!

Check out these new prices on these great homes on the Outer Banks!

634 Grebe Court, Corolla, NC 27927634 Grebe Court –
NOW $519,000!!

This home has been well cared for & has just been remodeled; looks better than ever! Check the location on this great beach home. Backs up to the Green Conservation Area for privacy as well as situated on a nice cul-de-sac.

32 Fairway Drive, Southern Shores, NC32 Fairway Drive –
NOW $445,000!

Excellent opportunity for comfortable one floor living. Just a few steps away to the bulkheaded canal for all your boating fun. Tons of parking in addition to the 2 car garage.

4244 Poor Ridge Road, Kitty Hawk, NC4244 Poor Ridge Road –
NOW $379,000!!

The second floor has a HUMONGOUS game room over the garage with wet bar, two additional large bedrooms share a jack an jill bathroom, also large. Plenty of storage space and an easy flow. The back deck off the master has a hot tub. This is a lot of house for the money and in excellent condition!

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Classic Duck Cottage on the Outer Banks

For More Details visit 133 Hillside Court, Duck, NC

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The Secret Formula

It’s been a while since my last personal blog.  That’s for many reasons.  First, I hate to write.  Second, I have been busy.  Third, I hate to write.  (See Adam, it’s not just running I hate.)  I’m sure I could have found the time if I really wanted to.  I just didn’t make it a priority.  It’s interesting what we CAN do when we make it a priority.

Seahawk graduationLast night I graduated I think my 5th or 6th Bootcamp.  I’ve lost track.  After getting into a routine with Charlie and letting my hip injury heal I decided to get back in and signed up for the Night Camp.  Wow, what a great decision!  All through the holidays I had something more to keep me on track.  And I actually did a pretty good job!

For the two months I took off I gained no weight!  I was thrilled.  I was also worried that I had lost my momentum and this next camp would be like starting over.  Boy was I wrong.  It’s a combination of mental and physical breakthroughs.  After running the half marathon, I actually believe now that I AM a runner.  That was step 1, belief.  Step 2, physically doing it, came on the first night of the camp when I look around at mile 2.5 and I’m still in the front group.  I was amazed.  Normally I’m the first person of the back group.  The front group always a good 100 yards in front of me.  Not this time.  I was the last person in the front group!  Woo Hoo!

That alone gave me a shot of confidence so big I felt I could take on the world!  Not to mention, I’ll never get tired of hearing how skinny I look when I see someone I haven’t seen in a few months!  That’s a good booster there too.  So with this renewed confidence I saw myself doing things with ease that 6 months before I struggled with.  My physical ability had gone to the next level.

Now, the most important lesson here is this…it started in my mind first.  The truth is, I was probably physically capable of many of these tasks 2 months ago, but I didn’t believe it yet.  It took my mindset shifting before I really broke through.  Now I see why it was so important to Matt that I run that half marathon.  I’m just going to have to get him a keychain that says “you were right again” as I keep finding myself saying that to him.  One day, I’ll stop questioning and just start doing!

So back to the lesson…all of my mentors, all the self help books, even the bible talks about how (whatever you want to do) is not possible if you can’t first believe it can be done.  You have to believe it to achieve it.  I’ve known this for years, yet still didn’t apply it in my fitness life until now.  I’ve been telling Charlie for months now that he has two choices…he can believe he’s going to live or believe he’s going to die.  Everything else will respond to and fall into whatever belief he chooses.  Ever notice how it’s always so much easier to give advice than take it?

boot camp dog tagsFor the second time this month I was given an achievement award.  Last night Adam surprised me with the Honor Graduate dog tags.  Earlier this month I was awarded Agent of the Year at Beach Realty for 2012.  In both cases I really worked hard.  I really wanted to excel.  I made it a priority to do so.  And I believed it could be done.  So there you go folks.  There’s the “secret” formula for success.

This year I plan to lose 30 pounds.  I will fight in an amateur kickboxing fight.  I will earn a yellow shirt, (maybe even a black one) at Bootcamp and I will sell 40 houses on the Outer Banks.  How can I be sure?  Because I will follow the formula.

  1. I will work HARD.  It won’t be easy.  If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.
  2. I’ve set goals I really WANT to achieve.
  3. I’ve made a schedule that allows the work required to be a priority.
  4. I have no doubt these things are possible if I follow 1 through 3.As with any great achievement, it isn’t done alone.  I want to thank those who helped me get there and also say, I’m counting on you big time this year!
  • Matt Costa – Head Coach and my Fight Trainer
  • Adam Swansen – Bootcamp Coach and fitness “Pusher”
  • Jay Bowman – Bootcamp Coach and all around Inspirational Guy
  • Re – Bestest Friend and excellent cheerleader
  • Lisa – Best Friend and excellent cheerleader
  • Ann Baker – Best Real Estate Coach EVER!
  • Kimberly, Jean, Beth and Kari – Beach Realty Gals and Lifeline
  • Mom – Well, that’s obvious – the giver of life and creator of my moral foundation
  • Charlie – For your patience and courage.  You inspire me every day to keep going!


Outer Banks Marathon

Marathon weekend has now come and gone.  Boy was it an event.  It started off with a Saturday wake up call to a very sick Charlie.  I was scheduled to run the 5k at 10 am.  Needless to say that didn’t happen.  I was starting to worry that he would not be well enough for me to leave him on Sunday morning to run the half.  It’s so interesting because a week ago, I was wondering if I even still wanted to do it.  Then at the thought of not being able to go got me all worked up.  Of course my first priority is Charlie.  But I realized Saturday morning that I actually wanted to run this race.  I hadn’t felt like that much at all during this whole process.  It was a very strange feeling.

Saturday night I actually went to bed early and slept well all night.  I set my alarm for 5 am but ended up waking up around 4:30.  Not seeing much reason to go back to sleep I decided I would just get up.  I went down to check on Charlie and he was actually doing well.  He gave me the green light to go ahead and make the journey.  So I set off to pick up Lisa and head to Nags Head.  Once we got to the Dream Center…where the event begins…I wasn’t extremely nervous.  I had a few butterflies but was so in awe of the number of people around.  Hugs, well wishes and laughs going on all around you has a much needed positive effect on the nerves.

The plan was to run with Lisa for a few miles and then just get in our own groove and do our thing.  Run our own race, as Matt put it.  We heard the gun go off for the first corral.  That’s a fitting term for it as we were literally corralled like livestock to the front as each group was given the green light to start their race.  It got to be our turn to start and from the beginning my legs didn’t feel quite right.  This isn’t unusual as I am a slow “starter-upper” when it comes to running.  I find it takes about 2.5 miles to get into my groove.  My legs felt like lead.  We started off very slowly.  Lisa and I kept pace for about the first mile.  Even though my legs never did warm up, around mile 2 things got just a tad easier.  I was looking forward to mile 6 as I knew once there it would be easier.

What I found at mile 6 was the Brindley Beach water booth, the “easier” part I was hoping for never did show up.  That Brindley booth was a needed sight as many of them are also Bootcampers.  The cheering and encouragement was much appreciated at that point.  I knew I was nearly halfway.  However, my hips said, halfway?  You’ve got to be kidding, we’re done!  By then most everything else is blurry until Mile 11.  I do remember a brief holler from the Beach Realty water table at Mile 9 or 10.  Then the bridge!  Oh the bridge.  By this time I was fighting the pain with everything in me.  Fighting the hip pain so much that my shoulder muscles got so tense it almost replaced the pain in my hip.  Shaking out my arms, shrugging my shoulders, I boldly took on the bridge.  Within a few steps I knew it.  I knew I needed to walk it.  My feet were numb, shoulders screaming, hip burning, I just needed the small break.  At the top of the bridge, no excuses, it’s all downhill I have to run it.  So I did.  Hit the next water station, got up about a half mile and who finds me?  Thing 2!

Re caught up with me and just as I was about to take off on another jog, she said she needed to walk a bit.  I was certainly not going to argue with her!  So we made the pact to walk for mile 11 and pick up the jog at 12 all the way in.  It’s been suggested many times by Adam that throughout our training we take part in an ICE BATH.  I’ve never been brave enough to try it.  At mile 11.5, I was begging for one!  This is how I knew what trouble I would be in, if I finished this thing.  Re kept assuring me we would finish, even if we were crawling!  I believed her, knowing she would drag me behind her if she had to! That’s what “Things” do for each other!

About mile 11.75, I start proclaiming with every ounce of determination I had that I would NEVER, EVER, EVER do this again!  Why in the world did I agree to do this?  People who do this are just plain crazy.  I’ve done one and I’m not doing another.  Of course at this point I’m not even finished yet…Oh dear!  So mile 12 is upon us.  We take off in a jog.  Re says she has to stop again.  I knew darn well she wouldn’t for good!  I’m jogging away in all the pain thinking to myself, less than a mile…you just have to go less than a mile.  A little ways down I knew I had to be half a mile out.  I kept saying, just a half a mile, you can do it, half a mile.  Then to the corner off the main road onto the side roads a lady yells out “Only a quarter mile to go!”  Oh dear God, I’m so close.  I keep saying to myself, only a quarter of a mile, quarter of a mile.  Then another turn with people yelling “You’re almost there!”  I chant to myself, I’m almost there.  Last left turn ahead I hear the most beautiful words…”Just this left turn and you’re done!”  I start saying left turn, left turn, that’s it…that’s all you have to do.

I get to this left turn and see a HUGE crowd of people standing and cheering.  It’s absolutely overwhelming.  The cheers are streaming in, you hear your name called by a few familiar faces.  I couldn’t tell you who they are right now because I had tears in my eyes.  I had to fight back the emotion as I was about to completely break down.  I look down, gather my composure, look back up to see the FINISH and a few strays in front of me who had passed me at the last minute.  I take off in a sprint, despite the excruciating pain, pass 3 of the 4 and straight into the arms of Jay.  Oh, I love this man, yet have never before been so happy to see him.  It meant I had done it.  I had run 13.1 miles (well about 11.5 of them.)  I finished this monumental task and started crying.  More hugs from Jessica and Joan then I get out of the way to wait for Re.  I see her…she comes in strong.  First thing out of her mouth….Jay said drink Pineapple Juice.  Ha Ha…ok, let’s find the pineapple juice.

On the way home it occurred to me that I had just finished all that running, had burned all those calories and was hungry.  I’m having a BURGER, I exclaim.  And so I did.  It was the best burger I’ve had in a very long time.  Still proclaiming I’m never doing this again all the way home.  The next day I review the results.  I see my time.  2:46. I know I can do better than this.  After all the full marathon winner beat me by more than 20 minutes.  What? I can’t possibly go down like that!  This can’t be the best I can do.  Ok, when does training start for the Flying Pirate half in April?  Yes…I’m hooked.  I suppose there are worse things to be hooked to than running.  I’ll take it!  In April I will finish in 2 hours.

That’s the new goal.

5 Reasons Listing your Home this Fall is a great choice!

Every year we see a surge of listing activity in the Spring, as expected, and then another surge again in the Fall.  These are by far the two best times to have your home on the market.  Statistics prove that activity is greater in March, April, May and again September, October, November.

So if you’ve thought about selling your Outer Banks home, it’s definitely time to get started!  Take a look…

  1. You’ve collected all the rental income!  Why carry the home through the winter?
  2. If you’re facing a Capital Gain, right now the tax rate is 15% which is scheduled to change to 20% starting January 1, 2013.
  3. Why go through the hassle of winterizing and re-preparing the home next year?  Sell now and let the buyer take care of that.
  4. Inventory is down 24% and number of sales up 17% compared to this time last year.  That’s a much better environment to sell your home in!
  5. Buyers get the bug while on vacation and then come back in the Fall when access to the home is easier.  You’ll have eager buyers ready to deal so they can spend the holidays here.

Consider these facts, then give me a call/email for a FREE analysis of your home.