January Snapshot for the Outer Banks

After coming off such a strong year in 2012, I’m sure you’re wondering how things are going so far in 2013.  Here’s a snapshot of what’s been happening on the Outer Banks for January.
  • Surprise!  No news to report on the Mid-Currituck Bridge
  • Actual Surprise – It SNOWED!  It’s all gone now, but it was fun for a day
  • The Great White Shark Mary Lee was cruising around Hatteras
  • I was named Beach Realty’s 2012 Agent of the Year
  • Sales for January have been STRONG. Over 50 properties CLOSED so far
  • Over 200 properties have already had a price adjustment in January
  • Nearly 200 new listings came on the market
  • When priced correctly multiple offers are coming in!
  • When priced correctly properties are selling within 30 days of listing
Outer Banks 2013 Housing MarketLast year I predicted the sales for 2012 would increase 15%.  The actual number was 21%!  It was even better than I thought.  This year I predict a similar trend.  With the activity in the market so far we should easily exceed the number of sales over last year again.  I also predict we will see a stabilization in pricing…no real movement up or down.
So here’s the question…how can I be of help to you this year?  What is your strategy for making the most of the 2013 market?  What are your thoughts on how this year is going to play out?  I’m interested to create this dialogue with you, so I can be sure to provide you with the most relevant information.
Stay warm and talk soon!