Outer Banks Area Update

I hope your pre-holiday season is going well.  We’ve had quite the cold spell hit the entire East Coast this week and who knows, we could even see another flurry or two here at the beach.  Just hope it doesn’t stick!  I have a few things to update you on this month.

Flood Insurance – Bipartisan legislation has just been introduced in Congress to remedy the unintended consequences of Biggert-Waters.  Senate Bill 1610/House Bill 3370 – Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2013 – will delay the loss of grandfathering for four years until several steps are taken to address the affordability of coverage. For more information and what you can do to help read the full article here.

Beach Nourishment – One step forward.  It’s looking really good for nourishment projects in Kill Devil Hills, Duck and Kitty Hawk.  Of course it takes a while to get the projects actually started.  KDH put together a really great page of FAQ’s that you can read here.

Loggerhead Turtles – Perhaps two steps back. Never a dull moment in the coastal/wildlife arena.  The push to throw a wrench in the beach nourishment plans have already begun.  Read more here.

Holiday Activities – If you’re going to be on the Outer Banks for the holidays this year, here’s a website to check for some local activities you might want to check out.  Be sure to click on the “Events” tab. http://www.outerbanksthisweek.com/things_to_do/