Happy 4th of July from the Outer Banks!

Happy 4th!!!

As is typical for the Outer Banks this time of year, there’s not a lot of activity to report…other than everyone is having fun at the beach.  The weather has been rainy and humid!  We haven’t seen extreme hot temps which is good.  I hope you’re enjoying your summer so far!

Bridge – No news.  Don’t count on it in our lifetime.

Insurance – Rates hikes for homeowners insurance went into effect July 1st.  This will impact buyers and the amount of mortgage they can now qualify for based on the expenses.

Market – The real estate market usually slows down in July.  Barring a hurricane, we should see a spike in activity in about 4 weeks.  If you want to get a jump on the market of buying or selling check out my website (here) or contact me for more information.

Duck Oceanfront A second public hearing will be held on July 17th at 1 p.m. regarding the regulation of oceanfront accessory structures such as dune decks, walkovers and oceanfront pools. Information on the proposed ordinance which could greatly affect the construction or reconstruction of oceanfront pools and eliminate the development and redevelopment of any dunes decks can be found here.

Occupancy Tax – Looks like guests will be asked to pay an additional 1% tax on all vacation rentals soon! Click here for details.

If you’re on the Outer Banks for the 4th of July, here is a list of activities you can check out.