Beach Nourishment Update ~ September 23, 2014

Beach Nourishment Update
September 23, 2014

Speaker:  Bill Pitt

Areas of Nourishment:

Duck – From just north of the pier for about a mile and a half
KH – the entire town
KDH – from the KH/KDH town line south to about the Wright Memorial.

Total cost estimates Funds to be raised by municipalities
Duck 13.8 million Duck 6.7 million
KH 17.5 million KH 6.2 million
KDH 9.4 million KDH 5.0 million
Total 40.8 million Total 17.9 million

Dare County to provide 23 million of the 40.8 million estimate.

How the towns will pay their portion:  

KDH will have a town-wide rate increase of .03 – about $30 for every $100,000 of value.

A municipal service district (MSD) will be defined as all those properties on the east side of the beach road – those properties will see an increase of .3509.

Duck and KH are still unsure and do not have details at this point.  The following are proposed solutions only and may not be the final plan.

Duck – may have 3 different MSD areas – Oceanfront/Semi, From Semi to 4 or 5 lots back and then everything else.  Still looking at options

KH – Has the least amount of oceanfront tax base but they are thinking about the oceanfront and the entire between the highways area to be one MSD and will have the bulk of the increase.  KH will have a town-wide tax increase and there may be a separate area in the northern Seascape area – not sure if that includes the commercial areas.

Stages of nourishment process:

Environmental Documentation
Construction  (timeline has this starting in a large window sometime in 2016).

Southern Shores will not be doing any nourishment at this time.

Information from today’s presentation will be added to the KDH website soon.

Summer is officially here in the Outer Banks!

While the calendar may say summer begins June 21st, locals and visitors would disagree! Memorial Day weekend has come and gone and we are in full swing here on the Outer Banks. There are just a few noteworthy items to report this month.

Mid-Currituck Bridge – Recently H817 was sent back to the NC State Senate for discussion. This bill basically removes the gap funding for the bridge among other projects. The likelihood of this bridge being built is fading more and more. If you are a supporter of the bridge you can voice your support here:

Dare County Tax Rate – The Board of Commissioners approved a 3.25% tax hike for Dare County property taxes recently. When property values declined on average 29%, the rate needed to break even at the previous budget would have been 39.75%. This change will make the new tax rate for the county at 43 cents per $100 of value.

Beach Nourishment – A $20 million beach widening project was approved in Kill Devil Hills in mid May. Duck is also looking into a project to pump sand onto nearly 2 miles of beach there. As well, Dare County is hiring a firm to design a project for Rodanthe and Buxton.

Flood Insurance Update – Your help is still needed to get some changes made to pending flood insurance rate hikes. My recent blog post breaks down new information obtained by our local Association of Realtors.

Buying or Selling – If you have any questions about the real estate market for the summer months on the Outer Banks, be sure to contact me. Having had a slightly slower spring, we are expecting higher than normal numbers for summer. We know rents are strong, and that gets buyers excited! Let me know how I can help.

Stay cool!