The Secret Formula

It’s been a while since my last personal blog.  That’s for many reasons.  First, I hate to write.  Second, I have been busy.  Third, I hate to write.  (See Adam, it’s not just running I hate.)  I’m sure I could have found the time if I really wanted to.  I just didn’t make it a priority.  It’s interesting what we CAN do when we make it a priority.

Seahawk graduationLast night I graduated I think my 5th or 6th Bootcamp.  I’ve lost track.  After getting into a routine with Charlie and letting my hip injury heal I decided to get back in and signed up for the Night Camp.  Wow, what a great decision!  All through the holidays I had something more to keep me on track.  And I actually did a pretty good job!

For the two months I took off I gained no weight!  I was thrilled.  I was also worried that I had lost my momentum and this next camp would be like starting over.  Boy was I wrong.  It’s a combination of mental and physical breakthroughs.  After running the half marathon, I actually believe now that I AM a runner.  That was step 1, belief.  Step 2, physically doing it, came on the first night of the camp when I look around at mile 2.5 and I’m still in the front group.  I was amazed.  Normally I’m the first person of the back group.  The front group always a good 100 yards in front of me.  Not this time.  I was the last person in the front group!  Woo Hoo!

That alone gave me a shot of confidence so big I felt I could take on the world!  Not to mention, I’ll never get tired of hearing how skinny I look when I see someone I haven’t seen in a few months!  That’s a good booster there too.  So with this renewed confidence I saw myself doing things with ease that 6 months before I struggled with.  My physical ability had gone to the next level.

Now, the most important lesson here is this…it started in my mind first.  The truth is, I was probably physically capable of many of these tasks 2 months ago, but I didn’t believe it yet.  It took my mindset shifting before I really broke through.  Now I see why it was so important to Matt that I run that half marathon.  I’m just going to have to get him a keychain that says “you were right again” as I keep finding myself saying that to him.  One day, I’ll stop questioning and just start doing!

So back to the lesson…all of my mentors, all the self help books, even the bible talks about how (whatever you want to do) is not possible if you can’t first believe it can be done.  You have to believe it to achieve it.  I’ve known this for years, yet still didn’t apply it in my fitness life until now.  I’ve been telling Charlie for months now that he has two choices…he can believe he’s going to live or believe he’s going to die.  Everything else will respond to and fall into whatever belief he chooses.  Ever notice how it’s always so much easier to give advice than take it?

boot camp dog tagsFor the second time this month I was given an achievement award.  Last night Adam surprised me with the Honor Graduate dog tags.  Earlier this month I was awarded Agent of the Year at Beach Realty for 2012.  In both cases I really worked hard.  I really wanted to excel.  I made it a priority to do so.  And I believed it could be done.  So there you go folks.  There’s the “secret” formula for success.

This year I plan to lose 30 pounds.  I will fight in an amateur kickboxing fight.  I will earn a yellow shirt, (maybe even a black one) at Bootcamp and I will sell 40 houses on the Outer Banks.  How can I be sure?  Because I will follow the formula.

  1. I will work HARD.  It won’t be easy.  If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.
  2. I’ve set goals I really WANT to achieve.
  3. I’ve made a schedule that allows the work required to be a priority.
  4. I have no doubt these things are possible if I follow 1 through 3.As with any great achievement, it isn’t done alone.  I want to thank those who helped me get there and also say, I’m counting on you big time this year!
  • Matt Costa – Head Coach and my Fight Trainer
  • Adam Swansen – Bootcamp Coach and fitness “Pusher”
  • Jay Bowman – Bootcamp Coach and all around Inspirational Guy
  • Re – Bestest Friend and excellent cheerleader
  • Lisa – Best Friend and excellent cheerleader
  • Ann Baker – Best Real Estate Coach EVER!
  • Kimberly, Jean, Beth and Kari – Beach Realty Gals and Lifeline
  • Mom – Well, that’s obvious – the giver of life and creator of my moral foundation
  • Charlie – For your patience and courage.  You inspire me every day to keep going!