Get your Pirate on!

Pirates were one of the realities that merchants along the Outer Banks had to deal with throughout the late 1600’s and early 1700s.  Pirates attacked and raided Spanish and British ships carrying gold, silver and other riches. They used the outer Banks as an escape and to store their loot.  Blackbeard also known as Edward Teach lived in Ocracoke until November 22, 1718 when the British Royal Navy cornered him.  Blackbeard went down fighting instead of surrendering.

In the Outer Banks we have had several famous pirates such as Anne Bonny, Calico and Pamlico Jack, Mary Read, and Stede Bonnet. 

The Outer Banks Pirate Festival will kick-off on Thursday, September 13 and carry on with festivities on Outer Banks until ending on Saturday, September 15. Discover Pirate history and everything Pirate from a Scallywag School for Young Scoundrels, how to use pirate weapons, storytelling, and pictures and more with pirates, pirates everywhere! 

The event kicks on Thursday with a treasure hunt that begins at Kitty Hawk Kites and continues with a search through the stores of Jockey’s Ridge. 

Get ready to get your Pirate on… Argh, Mateys!

For more information go to:  Outer Banks Pirate Festival