6 Reasons to List Your Home in the Summer

Although it sounds reasonable to think with all the guests coming, it would be better to just sell the home in the fall or spring, take a look at these six (6) reasons you could be missing out by waiting. Contact me today if you want more information!

1. Outer Banks Inventory

Inventory has been our biggest challenge in terms of pricing.  June, July, and August are historically the time of year when our inventory is the lowest.  Why not take advantage of that incredible opportunity? Lower inventory could mean higher prices.

2. High Volume of Visitors

The Outer Banks will have over 3 million visitors each year.  Obviously, the majority of those folks visit during the summer months.  We cannot get that kind of exposure any other time of year!

3. Perfect Time of the Season

The home is fully open and operational.  Buyers will have inspections done before closing.  When the house is winterized during the fall/winter there are extra costs to open the house back up for those inspections.  Right now, everything is up and running and easy to inspect and ensure to the buyer the home is in good condition.

4. Sweet Outer Banks Summertime

It’s a beach house!  When does the beach look the best?  Summertime of course. Your beach house will show the best with the sun shining, deck chairs out, pool open, hot tub running!  Buyers get excited about these things and it helps to sell your home.

5. Serious Inquiries

Buyers this time of year are serious about buying!  If a potential buyer is going to take time out of their much-anticipated vacation to look at your home, it means they are serious about buying.  They’re here with all decision makers too.

6. Outer Banks Rental Income & Fees

With the average transaction taking 45 to 60 days to close, sellers can collect most or even all of the rental income.  A late summer or early fall closing also means sellers don’t have to worry about fall maintenance and carrying the home through the winter months.